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5 Reasons To Scrape Your Tongue

A tongue scraper is a device created for oral hygience purposes to assist in cleaning the upper area of the tongue.

Tongue scrapers are made with corelation to the shape of the tongue, and excel at traping and lifting the plague coating on the surface of the tongue effictively cleaning the surface.

Tongue scrapers come in a variety of materials.

They can be made out of metals, plastics or plastics with small bristle brushes that form a sort of rake.

Enhance Taste Buds

By using a tongue scraper twice you will be able to ameliorate your taste buds.

It will allow you to better distinguish between sour, sweet and bitter flavors.

Improve Tongue Appearance

Tongue scraping can make your tongue look great.

Growth of debris in your tongue can cause it to look white.

Daily scraping will allow you to eliminate and prevent it from occuring in the future.

Remove Bacteria

It was discovered that using a tongue scraper 2x a day for a week straight can reduce the occurrence of Mutans streptococci in the mouth

Mutans streptococci is one of the main contributor to tooth decay and cavities.

Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Most of bad breath comes from the accumulation of bacteria, dead cells, fungi and bacteria at the end of the tongue.

Tongue scraping allows you to better access that region and is more effective than brushing at removing bacteria from the tongue that cause bad odors.

Improve overall health

Tongue scraping can help remove bacteria in the mouth.

Which in turns prevents gum disease, cavities and other conditions from forming in your mouth.