Root Canal

Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth has suffered damage from an impact injury or a deep cavity, root canal treatment can still save that tooth. In these cases, the nerve of the tooth has normally been infected or killed by the injury.

We will clean out the nerve and sterilize the inside of the tooth. We then pack this open area with sterile material and close the tooth up with a composite filling.

We recommend placing a crown on this tooth as soon as possible to enable it to last the rest of your life.

How did I get an infection?

Infection can occur when a cavity goes untreated for a long period of time or when the tooth encounters an injury causing the tooth's pulp chamber to die.

Tooth damage showing signs of needed root canal
Tooth damage showing signs of needed root canal

Signs that I may need a root canal?

Sensitive to hot or cold

Swelling or Pain

Bad taste in you mouth

No symptoms at all

What happens after a root canal treatment?

After a root canal has been completed it would need to be restored to continue its daily